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Ko-wakizashi by Shodai Nobukuni showing influence of the Rai school in the hamon. The blade is tired, but in descent polish.

If you have interest in this sword, please write us and we will send you pictures immediately. Thank you.

Item: Ko-Wakizashi
Mei/signature: Not readable, ubu
School/province: SHODAI NOBUKUNI
Period/age: Nambokucho (600 years ago)
Total length with mounts: 53.80 cm
Nagasa (blade lenght): 36.50 cm
Kasane (blade thickness at Mune-machi): 0.50 cm
Ha-machi (blade width at Ha-machi): 3.35 cm
Jitetsu (Hada): Ko-itame
Hamon (forging pattern): Suguha / Notara
Blade construction: Hira-Zukuri / Iori-Mune
Koshirae: Old shirasaya
Certificate/NTBHK: No, signature is not guaranteed
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